Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Blooms

The flowers are all doing well as we have had good temps and sufficient rain of late. This morning the dogs and I went out to enjoy the clean, cool air. They played while I walked around and took photos of things in bloom.

Two buckets with Vinca.

The Sedum bowl is nearly full.

Sunny yellow Rose Moss.

Old-fashioned Honeysuckle. I wish you could smell it.

Daylily - 'stella de oro'

Gloriosa Daisy is nearly open.

(Not the best photo) of a wren with insect.

(Not the best photo), of a Giant Swallowtail butterfly and its host plant, Rue.

The old dog kennel is finally gone. I now have a 10'x30' area to play with. I'm thinking of building a 10'x20' pergola, planted with vines, on this end. A new privacy fence panel replaces the chainlink fence in the back.

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Twix said...

Beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing. ~Twix