Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mourning Doves

I went out this afternoon to take down the dog kennel which is no longer being used and is an eyesore. The first three panels came down without a fight. But when I began cutting out the honeysuckle vine, which has become entangled in the kennel wire, I discovered a bird's nest containing two chicks. Under closer inspection and giving the hen time to return to the nest, I have learned they are mourning dove chicks.

Photo of mourning dove hen and chicks taken from allaboutbirds.org

The following photos were taken of the hen and chicks in my backyard.

The kennel has been sold to a young couple living across the alley, but they will have to wait another week or two before I let them take it as I am not willing to remove the nest and risk the hen abandoning the chicks.

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