Friday, July 10, 2009

Mid-summer Update

It's been a few weeks since my last post. It has turned warm and muggy but we are still getting enough rain to keep everything green. The beds are looking good and the vinca barrels are finally starting to grow now that it has warmed up. We got a hard rain about 3am and the clouds are still hanging around this afternoon. I took advantage of the soft light to get these photos.

A honey bee on orange flower.

Lavender Clematis

This urn of lime green Coleus has gone nuts.

I gotta find the tag for these colorful flowers. I want more!

A double Balloon Flower

Lavender Phlox

Yellow Rose Moss

The pond water is now clear enough to see fish on the bottom!

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Kathleen Coy said...

Beautiful! That's such a pretty clematis, too. Do they need a lot of sun? I planted some a month ago and they don't seem to be doing much. They are only getting about 4 hours of sun a day...