Friday, April 17, 2009

Things Are Growing

It has finally warmed up enough for the perennials to come out of dormancy. This yellow alyssum above, will be in full bloom by next week. I have been transplanting a few plants and removing a few others over the past couple of days. As much as I love the Russian Sage, it had to go. My garden is just not large enough for such an aggresive plant. I did leave two of the smallest plants, they can remain as long as they behave themselves and do not invade their neighbors.


My daylilies really needed to be divided and replanted in a different bed. I think they will do better where they receive more sun. I placed the majority of them in this Center Bed, which also includes; solidago, asters, salvia, phlox and coreopsis.


For the past two summers I have been debating what to do with an old leaky birdbath. It's one of those tall, concrete baths your Grandma would have had in her yard. I love the look of it but it doesn't hold water. It just sits there empty, still able to attract thirsty birds. Today I decided to fill it with some good potting soil and plant some sedum on top of the mound. I covered the soil with white decorative rock to keep the rain from washing it away.


I hope my wisteria blooms this year. Last year it only produced a few blooms. The year before, it was leafed out and loaded in buds when we had a late spring ice storm. I thought the plant was a goner. It recovered, though without blooms. No sign of life yet this spring, but I love how the vine has twisted itself around the old clothes line pole.

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